Kiwi & Mint Raita

Informative Info About Kiwi Fruit
Mille Fueile

Kiwi & Mint Raita

Day 3’s challenge was to share the benefits of incorporating some Kiwi with your protein at meal times and this is because of its high levels of Actinidin an enzyme that helps with protein digestion, and believe it or not the Kiwi can be used as a meat tenderiser and not just as a garnish on your piece of meat.

In keeping with my blog policy of sharing only vegetarian recipes, I have used the above theory to create my very own recipe of incorporating Kiwi with my vegetarian protein meal. I am carrying out an experiment using the kiwi pureen(instead of yogurt) to marinate my vegetables for a vegetable biryani dish, as soon as I am happy with this experiment, I will be sure to share the results with you.

My meal comprises of curried red Canadian wonder beans (being the protein), rice or roti (being the carbohydrates) and a kiwi and mint raita (being the supplier of vitamins and necessary enzymes). The ingredients used in my raita are low in calories and rich in a host of nutrients and they complement each other. Yogurt is packed with bacteria that are good for your digestive tract and the kiwi has high levels of Actinidin the enzyme that helps protein digest—so this Kiwi and mint raita dish is in keeping with the challenge and my blog policy of being vegetarian.


Kiwi & Mint Raita

200ml yoghurt (hung yogurt adds much more texture & flavour)

75ml finely chopped fresh mint leaves

5ml salt

10ml crushed cumin

2ml sugar

50ml grated kiwis

200ml peeled & cubed Kiwis

30ml mint leaves (for garnish)



  1. Add yoghurt to a medium size mixing bowl and add the mint leaves, salt, cumin and sugar
  2. Using a whisk, whisk the above ingredients together
  3. Once the ingredients are well mixed, use a spoon and stir in the grated kiwi and once again mix well
  4. Now add the cubed kiwis and stir with a spoon and allow to chill in the refrigerator
  5. Before serving garnish with more mint leaves




  1. Flee says:

    That looks so super fresh Usha, I could eat it for breakfast. Yummy Thanks…

  2. shivani ramith says:

    A well balanced meal comprising carbs, proteins and nutrients …also looks like a skinny recipe so will be eager to include in my diet program

  3. Kapila Hari says:

    Looks yummy!!!

  4. zirkie says:

    Great idea, Usha!!

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