Fennel + Ginger + Lemon Verbena + pepper and you have a heavenly “digestion match” – all of these have their individual benefits and track records when it comes to “digestion” and then you put them all together and brew a tea and add a dash of cinnamon, honey and a few slices of citrus fruit – and what you have – is a golden drink that tickles the taste buds while taking care of the digestive tract – your benefit is “gain, gain, gain” a naturally healthy digestive system – and a “healthy gut” means overall good health.

Fennel & Ginger Tea

5-6 slices of any citrus fruit

15ml roasted & crushed fennel seeds

5ml freshly grated ginger

5-6 black pepper corns

5ml finely chopped lemon verbena leaves (or dried if fresh not available) (optional)

500ml water

5ml honey/palm sugar/jaggery/ coconut sugar (optional)

5ml cinnamon powder (optional)


  • Fresh ingredients are always the very best – however you can always use the dried or preserved versions
  • By crushing your fennel seeds, you gain and benefit from the natural oils and freshly grated ginger has its own list of benefits and aroma
  • Add all of the ingredients to an infusion insert of a tea pot or directly into a tea pot
  • Add the insert (if using) to the teapot and top up with the 500ml boiling water and allow this to infuse for 3-5minutes
  • Pour into cups and enjoy this health and wellness packed drink on its own or you can sweeten with sugar, honey, coconut sugar or your choice of sweetener
  • If using an ordinary teapot – after the infusion time –strain into a cup and enjoy your cup of tasty, healthy and gut friendly tea

Fennel Infusion

500ml water

5ml roasted & crushed fennel seeds

5ml honey/palm sugar/jaggery/coconut sugar (optional)


  • Bring the water to a boil – add the fennel seeds to tea pot and pour in about 500 ml boiling water
  • Allow the seeds too steep in water for 3-5 minutes – pour into a cup/mug (no need to strain the crushed seeds are quite pleasant in taste), and add honey or any other sweetening substitute to sweeten and enjoy

Prepared in my new maxwell & williams:-http://www.maxwellandwilliams.co.za/ infusion tea pot that I got from Yuppiechef:-https://www.yuppiechef.com/maxwell-and-williams-serveware.htm?id=35273&name=Maxwell-and-Williams-Tint-Teapot-1.2L and served in my trusted Le Creuset mugs from:-https://www.lecreuset.co.za/products/stoneware/mug-collection/cappuccino-mug

Pictures are my own and this not a paid post


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