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Still No News Of Pink

I know i have blogged about “Missing Pink” but I have still not seen her bloggs, if anyone has any new about her or if she is blogging under another name please do let me know


  1. Sous Chef says:

    I’ve seen her updating on Twitter so I know she’s fine, she’s just not blogging.

  2. I love cooking says:

    I spoke to her on Facebook a few weeks ago, asked why she is so quiet and she said she has Internet issues but will soon be active again, so you can relax dear Usha!

  3. mitzireddy says:

    I enjoy her posts and quizzes – miss them – hope she gets back to blogging soon. How are u, Usha

    • Healthy Vegetarian Foods says:

      Hi Mitzi, i am fine thanks and you, my next post was going to be “Missing MItzi” where have you been

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