Sakar Pada (Savoury Crackers)

In my venture with the SASKO team to create healthy vegetarian dishes using SASKO products, I took this traditional Gujarati snack and turned into a wonderful […]

Sprouts & Seeds Salad

Sprouts – A Powerhouse of Nutrition; Sprouts— be it chick peas, mung beans, alfalfa and etc—whichever one you choose, however you choose to prepare and eat it […]

Multi Flour Rotli

Rotli, roti, chapatti and etc all are a kind of flat bread made from wholemeal flour-traditionally known as “Atta flour” and it is an integral part […]


Falooda/Faluda is a cold, sweet, refreshing and nutritious drink that is traditionally made with a mixture of all or a few of the following ingredients- vermicelli […]

Bran Rich Date & Nut Muffins

In collaboration with the Sasko team, I have been developing a few recipes for them using their amazing variety of flours and ready mixes. Since I […]

Patta-Steamed Spinach Rolls

My 3 sisters and I are always trying to eat “Healthy”, but we also love our authentic Gujarati foods and snacks that was a staple while […]

Gadra (Borlotti) Beans

I did a post late last year about “Double Beans”, and “Gadra Beans” (as Indians refer to it) is a distant cousin of the Double Beans, […]

Savoury Flapjacks

I have been working with the Sasko Team, to create a few recipes that conform to the ethos of my blog “Healthy & Vegetarian” and using […]

Quick Healthy Falafel

In Johannesburg we have been experiencing a heat wave and with this kind of weather you most certainly do not want to be in the kitchen […]

Sweet Corn Chowder???

I am hoping that the readers are going to come with some inspirational names for this dish-I thought about “sweet corn chowder” While shopping with my […]

Sasko Flour Festive Fun

Sasko Flour was one of the sponsors for the Dinner Diva Show, and they have shared a number of Quick, Fun and Entertaining tips for you […]

Sweet Corn Bake

The Dinner Diva show was sponsored by a number of top companies, and Rhodes Canned Foods was one of them, and each contestant received R750-00 worth […]