Kiwi Jelly

Now for some real mind blowing information about the furry brown fruit that is known as KIWI-yes the Zespri Kiwi has 5 times the nutrition than […]

Mille Fueile

Cooking is a great family bonding activity—yes that is challenge 4 of day of Day 4 of the Zespri 14-Day Kiwi Challenge-had this challenge been given […]

Kiwi & Mint Raita

Day 3’s challenge was to share the benefits of incorporating some Kiwi with your protein at meal times and this is because of its high levels […]

Informative Info About Kiwi Fruit

I have been chosen alongside some amazingly talented bloggers for the ZESPRI KIWI FRUIT 14-DAY DAILY SCOOP OF AMAZING CHALLENGE, and today is day 3. Each […]

Kiwi & Mint Body Scrub

I know I should be posting recipes for edible dishes, but I did get carried away with day 2’s challenge and I will be sharing a […]

Kiwi & Apple Chaat

Over the next 14 days myself and my fellow bloggers will be sharing useful tips, creative ideas and tasty recipes all comprising of the luscious kiwi […]

Zespri 14 Day Kiwi Challenge

Friday (6 September 2013) @ 8.45am a special delivey arrived for me (I was expecting its arrival-however not so early). Myself along with 9 other bloggers […]

Raksha Bandhan 2013

Not sure why, but some how this year Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated world wide over 2 days (20th and 21st August). This is a special […]

Umm Who Is The Winner Of The Spekko Hamper

Once again my mail box was flooded with entries–thank you all for taking the time to enter the competition. However as with all competitions – there […]

Potato, Onion & Sesame Seed Curry

This curry was invented because of hounding by my family—whenever I make biryani, I am told the potatoes in the biryani are never enough. My one […]

Indias Independence Day Celebrations

As the clock edged to midnight on the 15 August 1947, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru-the first Prime Minister of India – delivered the renowned speech that announced […]

Spekko Rice Give Away

I was approached by the PR company of Spekko rice try out their new range of rice and to run a competition on my blog. Well I […]