Kiwi Kachoomer

10 Days of 14days almost done and dusted, and for 9 of the 10days I have created a healthy dish –“Yippee For Me”. I am totally […]

Kiwi Chutney

Day 9 of 14days, oh my word where and how did the last 8 day go by-well I have no clue-all I can say is that […]

Kiwi For Breakfast

Mondays here, and a great way to chase those Monday Morning Blues-is to start your week with a Zespri Kiwi for breakfast-and since it is day […]

A Photo With A Story

Day 7 and the challenge is all about Family & Sunshine “Sunday is the day for family, friends and loving! Show us through a photo why […]

Kiwi-Plain & Simple

Today was day 6 of the Zespri Kiwi Challenge and thank the lord-the challenge was-“if you heading outdoors why not bring along some kiwi fruit with […]

Kiwi Jelly

Now for some real mind blowing information about the furry brown fruit that is known as KIWI-yes the Zespri Kiwi has 5 times the nutrition than […]

Mille Fueile

Cooking is a great family bonding activity—yes that is challenge 4 of day of Day 4 of the Zespri 14-Day Kiwi Challenge-had this challenge been given […]

Kiwi & Mint Raita

Day 3’s challenge was to share the benefits of incorporating some Kiwi with your protein at meal times and this is because of its high levels […]

Informative Info About Kiwi Fruit

I have been chosen alongside some amazingly talented bloggers for the ZESPRI KIWI FRUIT 14-DAY DAILY SCOOP OF AMAZING CHALLENGE, and today is day 3. Each […]

Kiwi & Mint Body Scrub

I know I should be posting recipes for edible dishes, but I did get carried away with day 2’s challenge and I will be sharing a […]

Kiwi & Apple Chaat

Over the next 14 days myself and my fellow bloggers will be sharing useful tips, creative ideas and tasty recipes all comprising of the luscious kiwi […]

Zespri 14 Day Kiwi Challenge

Friday (6 September 2013) @ 8.45am a special delivey arrived for me (I was expecting its arrival-however not so early). Myself along with 9 other bloggers […]