Oats With A Twist

During the winter months, it is almost impossible to eat comfort packed meals that are healthy, try as you may you always fall of the rails […]

Vagareli Makai (Braised Mealies)

With winter comes the need for “comfort eating” and most comforting dishes are “carb laden”, however we try and try again to make our comfort food/snacks […]

Oats & Cranberry Cookies

The above is a match made in heaven and for me a healthy creation to please my “health conscious family”. I know I always say my […]

Eggless Triple Chocolate-Chocolate Cake

For all those of us who eat “eggless cakes” a triple chocolate – chocolate cake is a farfetched indulgence and for all of you who eat […]

Jeera Alloo

Hello to all you foodies, I am hoping this post is the start of me getting my “mojo” back – because I really do need to […]

Diwali 2014

Yes Diwali 2014, Christmas 2014 and 1 January 2015 have come and gone, but I am still here and seeing as for some reason during 2014 I […]

Johannesburg Cookie Swap 2014

Loads of excitement-last minute changes and etc.-but it all turned out to be a great event for the few loyal supporters who turned up for the […]


The only excuse I have for not posting on my blog is “Usha Cant Say No” – I have been busy with god alone knows what […]

Protein Rich & Flavour Packed Salad

1 August 2014 is around the corner and “oh my word-talk about being nervous” I just have so much going on and yes I also have […]

Good Food & Wine Show

I received this email @ 10.45pm and I am oh so excited and still trying to come to terms with this opportunity   I just want […]

Sindhi Kadhi

While researching “Gujarati Kadhi” I came across Sindhi Kadhi, something that I had not heard of previously and it really perked my interest. For me it […]

Gujarati Kadhi

For all those reading this and have no clue what “KADHI” is—it is simply a yoghurt based gravy dish that is thickened with chick pea flour […]