A Very Happy 2020 To All

And just like that we have arrived at 2020 – every new year starts with all the things you want to do, you want to accomplish, […]

Chick Peas & Veggie Salad

To keep our palates “happy” we have to constantly tweak recipes using the same basic ingredients – but adding the extra punch with new flavours, and […]

Green Beans

Green Beans – an almost forgotten veg that is not used as much as it should seeing that it is available all year long – the […]

Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

15th August 2019 – was Raksha Bandhan – an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar sisters and brothers, however with everybody’s hectic work lives we celebrated […]

Paneer In Tomatoes

I personally do not like paneer or the smell of ghee – but I regularly use both items in my home – ghee is used every […]

Kadhi, Kitchdi & Jeera Alloo

Gujarati Kadhi For all those reading this and have no clue what “KADHI” is—simply put it is a yoghurt based gravy dish that is thickened with […]

Poke Bowl

So I have taken the “poke bowl” and twisted it so that it suits my palate – and now I want to turn all my meals […]

Mix Bean Salad

The famous quote “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, and for me “Necessity” has been the backbone behind most of my creations. Trying to be […]

Spinach Fritters

This is a very simple recipe – that was inspired by “Sibas Mfino Fritters” – I turned it and tuned to fit in with my ethos […]

Vegan Chocolate Cake (Again)

Baking and experimenting with recipes is an all-time favourite of mine – however it has always been challenging to bake and more importantly get it “right” […]

Toasted Sweetcorn Sandwich

A few weeks ago I was approached/contacted with a question “would you like to contribute a deli –style recipe” and this was my chance to show […]

Vegan Potato Salad

Been Missing – No Excuses!!! My 1 sister and her husband have started adopting a vegan lifestyle – so the “tweaker in me got to work […]