To All Moms

Hope all you mums have a blessed day and you are able to spend some time with your children.

Curried Butter Beans

Routine was gone out the door during the past week & half, with all the public holidays, it was always just cooking something quickly. I have […]


I am looking for a tried and tested steamed “eggless pudding” something like the Xmas pudding but without the eggs and without the alcohol. I know […]

Brown Lentils with Green Beans & Cabbage

With the miserable unusual weather we are having in Joburg, i was looking for something that could be eaten as a soup but also had the […]

Vegetable Biryani

For some odd reason people seem to think that making a vegetable biryani is hard work, for me it is the easiest  and quickest ONE pot […]

Spicy Pulawo Rice

My son for some reason has decided not to eat any lentils, pulses or beans, and being vegetarian makes it difficult to prepare a wholesome meal. […]

Green Mung Curry

The past week has been crazy with all the wedding preperations and etc, thankfully the first half of the functions are over and done with and […]

Potato & Paneer

I have had a very busy weekend and the next 2 weeks are going to be just as busy, there is a family wedding, and amongst […]

Cabbage & Peas Served With Roti

Hope you all had a good long weekend and looking forward to the short work week. We in Joburg had a rather wet weekend. My cabbage […]

Light Summer Salad

This is such a lovely salad, unfortunately I do not make it often enough, as my sons do not eat corn. But today we are meeting […]

Busy Morning

I spent most of my day, sorting out my grocery and spice cupboard and I am proud to announce that every item is labelled and in […]

Meat Less Monday

As promised last week I have two recipes for “meatless monday”. The first a savoury snack and the second is part of staple Gujerathi main dish. […]