For some odd reason & yes i cannot pin point it i have not posted a blog for a good few weeks, however i have been […]

Mung Bean Filling!!

Since i am in the process of stocking up my freezer and my 3 sisters freezers, i am sharing another recipe for a filling-yes i am […]

Cocktail Pies

My neices 2nd birthday party was on Saturday and all of the spring rolls, samoosas & cocktail pies went down very well-lucky i over catered–just an […]


& This translated into English is a “Steamed Vegetable Dumplings”. These are such delicious and healthy snacks to have in your freezer for unexpected guests, even […]


This is an indian term for an “after dinner mint”. You would find this in most Indian homes and Indian restaurants should ideally serve it to […]

Vegetable Spring Rolls

It has been a long time since i posted a recipe, and i actually have no excuse for that. I have been preparing these vegetable spring […]

Alloo Fry

Translated into English this is stir fried sliced potatoes. Since my son is still not eating any beans or lentils, planing a weekday meal for him […]

Green Garlic & Roti Crumbs

I am sure you all must be wondering what this is about, well it is a traditional winter dish amongst the Gujerathi community, and it falls […]

Green Beans & Potatoes

This is an addition to my “Chana Masala” dish. Whenever i prepare my lentil/beans dishes, i always ensure i also do a vegetable dish, and this […]

Chana Masala

Translated into English it is spiced/curried chick peas. This dish is a very popular in North India, where is made with the addition of fresh cream […]

Curry In A Box

I have many friends who keep telling me that it is so difficult to cook curries with varying tastes, as they generally use the “mix masala” […]


This was the blog for Friday, but for some reason, I could not load the pictures so i tried again today. I am home alone this […]