Shrikand is a very popular sweet dish amongst the Gujerathi community, and it is a firm favourite among my family. It is one of those dishes […]

Meat Less Monday

Not sure how but somewhere along the line my post for yesterday just did not reach its destination, hopefully this one does.

Potato & Grated Veg Curry

The humble potato can be so verstile and transformed to suit any occassion and anybody. This dish was born out of a need to get my […]


Hi  I have not been regular with my blogging, because i am not sure how and where my time goes, but i am trying to rectify […]


Diwali has come and gone, the Gujerathi New Year has also come and gone. I have been so busy that I was not able to share […]


In the years gone by Deepavali eats and treats consisted of the various mitais, and there was no biscuits on the “Deepavali” menu, however today many […]


I have been so busy in my kitchen that I have not had a chance to prepare blogs, however I just felt that there was such […]

Deepavali-26 October 2011

Deepavali Hindus in South Africa and all around the world will be celebrating Deepavali on the 26 October 2011. Deepavali is a Sanskrit word which when […]

Diwali Preparations

I made a few of the Diwali Goodies so i could take some pictures for my Face Book Page “Desi Khanna”, and i thought i should […]

Diwali-26 October 2011

Diwali or Deepavali is a very auspicious day in the Hindu Calendar, and all Hindus around the world celebrate this day with family, friends and lots […]

Chana with Chili Bites

This is a recipe that was created as i merrily went along cooking on Monday- i looked in the fridge and picked up a group of […]

Kichdi & Mix Vegetable Curry

Being vegetarians, we have to ensure that we always have a balanced meal, comprising, carbohydrates, vegetables and protein, some days it is quite simple and some […]