Butternut Fry

As far as i know most people are trying to include more veggies to their diet and to ensure that the family eat these veggies one […]

Green Beans

I have decided to share a few interesting ways in which to prepare some of the most common vegetables.I am sure after a while   steaming, […]


Hi everyone, my name is Usha Singh, and i am sorry that I never put my name down earlier.    


With everyone on some sort of diet or detox programme, a variation to any salad or vegetable is most welcome. This dish is so simple and […]

Missing Pink Polka

Hi Everyone I was just wondering if anyone knows what has happened to “Pink Polkas” blog, i have not seen it for a long time. I […]

Secret Santa Gift

Sous Chefs “January In My Kitchen” prompted me to  post “My Secret Santa Gift – In My Garden”, i was one of the participants in the […]

Greetings and Thank You

I have no idea where to begin and how to express my gratitude to all the bloggers out there who have always guiding me and offered […]

Dhall Makhani

This post was started on the 4th December 2011, and I have just been experiencing problems loading my pictures, and i can assure you that i […]


Hello Fellow Bloggers This new blogging platform is going to take some getting used to, especially for those who are technology challenged, however i am sure […]

Tomato Chutney

Yes a tomato chutney, I have adapted this recipe to make it a lot healthier and nourishing. A tomato chutney is generally the base for most […]

Red Bean & Corn Salad

Although I post only vegetarian recipes, for some reason i have just not managed to get my post out on “Meatless Monday”, so over the weekend […]


Shrikand is a very popular sweet dish amongst the Gujerathi community, and it is a firm favourite among my family. It is one of those dishes […]