Belated Diwali Day Post

There was absolutely no way I could have done a post on Diwali Day, therefor the delay in getting the final post for Diwali Countdown done. […]

Dinner Diva Journey

Saturday the 17th November 2012, sees SABC 2 broadcast the sixth episode of Dinner Divas and this is the final episode in the elimination round. I […]

Diwali 2012

Diwali and New Year have come and gone, we had wonderful family gatherings, lots of food and my little neices were dressed as the beautiful Indian […]

One Day To Diwali 2012

Countdown to Diwali 2012, ONE DAY to go, although I had delays in my preparation schedule, I am happy to report that all preparations are on […]

Two Days To Diwali 2012

  Countdown to Diwali 2012, TWO DAYS to go, and the burfee (milk like fudge) gulab jamboo (Indian version of doughnut) and chana magaj (a sort […]

Three Days To Diwali 2012

This was supposed to have been posted on Friday, but as somehow Friday got away from me, I did not get to publish this post, and […]

Four Days To Diwali 2012

Countdown to Diwali 2012, FOUR DAYS to go, and yesterday started off with all of the best intentions in my mind-ingredients ready! I had planned to […]

Countdown To Diwali 2012

Countdown to Diwali 2012, it is that time of the year again, Hindu homes are buzzing in preparation for Diwali which is just FIVE days away. […]

Khati Meeti Aloo Chana

All over India, visitors and locals are greeted by the numerous street vendors selling the most delectable savoury snacks, sweets and the best chai. Whether you […]

Bran & Flax Seed Meal Muffins

After much thought and a dozen cancelled “Draft Posts” of this recipe, I have decided to post my recipe for “Bran & Flax-seed Meal Muffins”.  My […]

Kachoomer/Shredded Salad

My sons refer to this as an “Indian Salad” and they firmly believe that it cannot and should not be eaten with anything  other than a […]


Today (16 October 2012) sees Hindus all over the world, commencing the celebration of Navratri/Naurtha. The festival of Navratri or Naurtha (which literally means 9 nights) […]