Puri or Poori

Indian breads form an integral part of Indian Cuisine, andthe various types of breads and crepes reflect the diversity of Indian Culture, Indian Cuisine and their […]

Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)

In my opinion Kheer has to be the greatest Rice Pudding in the world, it is a dessert that is available internationally and combines the cooking […]

Masala Puri

Masala Puri- another traditional Gujarati snack, these wonderful little morsels of flavour will satisfy a hunger pang any time of the day or night. They can […]

Raksha Bandhan

Hindus all over the world will be celebrating the festival of “RAKSHA BANDHAN” On the 2nd August 2012. This festival is always celebrated during the month […]
Savoury Crumpet

Savoury Crumpets

I have no valid excuse for not creating a post in the last couple of weeks, however I have no clue as to how the day […]

FBI 2012

I am among those very privileged and fortunate ones that attended the 2012 Food Bloggers Indaba. I got to Cape Town a few days before the Indaba, […]

Double Beans

These beans look so beautiful, however once cooked they lose their colour and pattern, but they do taste wonderful once cooked. It is not easily available, […]


Thepla is to a Gujarati person, what a baguette is to a French man. Eat it any which way you want to and with any accompaniment […]

Roast Mix Vegetables

In order for me to satisfy my palette during the cold weather, i find that i need to eat food that is well spiced and flavoured, and […]

Happy Mothers Day


Quick Rice Dumplings

This is a very simple recipe for a very tasty starter or snack. It is often said that the Gujerathi community never waste anything and that […]

Peanut & Potato Salad

For the past few weeks, i have been posting recipes of “simply prepared vegetables” and therefore today i decided to share a recipe for a rather […]