Alloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki (type of potato croquette), is a popular variety of chaat sold by street vendors throughout India and Pakistan. It is typically served with a […]


Bhelpuri—introduced to Mumbai by migrant workers from Gujarat, is one of the most commonly sold chaat on the streets of Mumbai and along Chowpaty Beach (Mumbai). […]

Mothers Day

To all the mothers out there a small token message

CHAAT-Mumbais Famous Street Food

Indians love of food is almost like a never ending “love affair” that has spread across the whole country and visitors to the country are enveloped […]

Toasted Mix Veg Sandwich

I hear “Toasted Sandwich” and think-the ultimate comfort meal, me time, a good Bollywood movie, cup of chai and a nice blanket to keep me comfortable […]

Multi Seed Bran Rusks

Rusks known by a number of other names is simply dried bread that is usually eaten after having being dipped in tea or coffee. For many […]

Happy Easter


Sakar Pada (Savoury Crackers)

In my venture with the SASKO team to create healthy vegetarian dishes using SASKO products, I took this traditional Gujarati snack and turned into a wonderful […]

Liquid Gold! Ghee! Clarified Butter!

Mention the word Ghee (clarified butter)!!! And you see expressions of “high cholesterol-unhealthy-heart attack-weight gain & etc” and that is simply because we are ignorant of […]

Sprouts & Seeds Salad

Sprouts – A Powerhouse of Nutrition; Sprouts— be it chick peas, mung beans, alfalfa and etc—whichever one you choose, however you choose to prepare and eat it […]

Multi Flour Rotli

Rotli, roti, chapatti and etc all are a kind of flat bread made from wholemeal flour-traditionally known as “Atta flour” and it is an integral part […]


Falooda/Faluda is a cold, sweet, refreshing and nutritious drink that is traditionally made with a mixture of all or a few of the following ingredients- vermicelli […]