Oatmeal & Banana Muffins

I love cakes, biscuits-well just about anything that is sweet, and the fact that I only eat “eggless” is a blessing in many ways. My mum, […]

Eggless Lemon & Coconut Cake

I enjoy baking, however it is quite a challenge baking without eggs—yes there are a number of recipes for eggless cakes, biscuits, muffins and etc—but let […]

Curry Leaf & Onion Pulao

This, tasty, tangy recipe was born/created by a “Lack of Concentration” while cooking!!!!. Last week I as busy preparing dinner and menu was cauliflower, rice, and […]

Masala Chai

CHAI-the word simply and literally means TEA and Chai is one of the most popular hot drinks available in India. It is consumed by one and […]

Pakoras-Another One Of Mumbais Street Foods

In India they are called Pakoras, Pakodas, and Bhajias, the western world refer to them as fritters or chilli bites—call them anything you want to – […]

And The Winner of Reza’s Indian Spice Recipe Book Is!!!!

I was overwhelmed and grateful by the number of entries I received for the competition; I never thought so many people even looked at my blog […]

Le Creuset Food Demo With Reza Mahammed

I consider myself one of ‘those fortunate ones’; as I was at the Le Creuset/Reza Mahammad food demo on the 27/05/2013 held at the Pick ‘n […]

Alloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki (type of potato croquette), is a popular variety of chaat sold by street vendors throughout India and Pakistan. It is typically served with a […]


Bhelpuri—introduced to Mumbai by migrant workers from Gujarat, is one of the most commonly sold chaat on the streets of Mumbai and along Chowpaty Beach (Mumbai). […]

Mothers Day

To all the mothers out there a small token message

CHAAT-Mumbais Famous Street Food

Indians love of food is almost like a never ending “love affair” that has spread across the whole country and visitors to the country are enveloped […]

Toasted Mix Veg Sandwich

I hear “Toasted Sandwich” and think-the ultimate comfort meal, me time, a good Bollywood movie, cup of chai and a nice blanket to keep me comfortable […]