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Green Beans

I have decided to share a few interesting ways in which to prepare some of the most common vegetables.I am sure after a while   steaming, blanching, sauteing and etc, is not enough to get the family to eat their veggies. Being vegetarian I am always trying to vary the way in which I prepare vegetable dishes. Just  subtle changes in spices can transform any vegetable into a “Wow Dish”. Last week i shared a recipe for peas and this week it is green beans, this dish can be served with any meal, but it tastes divine with hot wholewheat roti. I will share 2 recipes for this one amazing vegetable.


Green Beans With Mustard & Onions

10ml cooking oil

5ml mustard seeds

2.5ml pounded mustard seeds

1 dry red chilli

75ml finely sliced onions

75ml finely sliced onions

500g finely sliced green beans (fresh is best, but frozen can be used)

50ml water

5ml brown sugar

5ml salt

5ml lemon juice


Heat oil in a shallow pan and add the mustard seeds and chilli,  lower the heat and add the onions

  1. Allow the onions to become translucent – about 5 minutes
  2. Add the chopped green beans and lower heat to 1-2, add water if necessary and cook till beans are tender
  3. Season with salt and lemon juice
  4. Serve with roti’s or as a side vegetable with your braai and the list goes on

Cumin Green Beans

10ml cooking oil

10ml cumin seeds (roughly crushed)

10ml sesame seeds (optional)

2 fresh chillies chopped finely

500ml chopped/sliced green beans

50ml water

5ml salt


  1.  Heat oil in a shallow pan, add the cumin seeds, sesame seeds, chillies, and  lower the heat
  2. Add the chopped or sliced green beans and water (as needed)
  3. Cook till beans are tender, remove from heat and season with salt
  4. Serve with roti’s



  1. Sous Chef says:

    Green beans is one of my favourite veggies, this sounds good.

  2. rumtumtigger says:

    Sounds lovely Usha! Will definately give it a try

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