Chana Masala

Curry In A Box

I have many friends who keep telling me that it is so difficult to cook curries with varying tastes, as they generally use the “mix masala” that is available at most supermarkets. And I decided to create “curry in a box” as gifts for them, the box contains a copy of the recipe with all the ingredients and essential spices that one needs to make a successful curry.  This gift idea of mine has become very successful and I am getting orders for a variety of options.


  1. Sous-Chef says:

    What a lovely idea and such a nice gift to receive.

  2. HealthyVegetarianFoods says:

    thanks sue, have a wonderful day

  3. tandy.sinclair says:

    what a lovely gift 🙂

  4. mitzireddy says:

    What a great idea and gift- very creative and clever.

  5. Zabwan says:

    That’s brilliant, Usha, and you’ve packed them so nicely too!

  6. HealthyVegetarianFoods says:

    Thanks Tandy, and this has turned to be such a good seller, For Mothers day i had about 12 orders and each one was a different recipe.

  7. HealthyVegetarianFoods says:

    thanks Mitzi,besides cooking and baking i really enjoy doing things like. I also do a lot of dried fruit & nut hampers, and i try to make original gift hampers. I just did one with a tea cup, a variety of teabags and some cookies

  8. HealthyVegetarianFoods says:

    Thanks Zabwan, i try!

  9. Charmaine says:

    Very cute idea, love it

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