Usha Singh

I received this email @ 10.45pm and I am oh so excited and still trying to come to terms with this opportunity


I just want to somehow pull this of and be the one that is all “PACKED” and ready to jet off to Singapore.

Watch this space, because I will be sharing some recipes using Goldcrest Products, information pertaining to GFWS 2014, who knows there may even be some entrance tickets to GFWS 2014 to be won


Hi Usha

I hope you are well

Once again, I would like to congratulate you on being selected as a finalist for the media / blogger “cook off” which will take place on Friday 1st August at the Dome in Northgate. The competition will take place at the Goldcrest stand which is stand H9-H16. We have a complementary entrance ticket for you on Friday


You will be required to cook one dish for 4 people and  prepare 1 beverage for 4 people. It can be a starter, main or dessert, the choice is up to you. You will be given 1 hour in which to prepare your meal for the judges


You will not be allowed to bring any items into the competition, and will be cooking from a mystery basket. We do suggest that you pop in to the stand on Thursday from 10:30-12:30 or from 2-4pm to see what the Young Chef’s Competition is all about, as this may give you some insight into what the next day holds for you ! 🙂

Your competition time slot is at 13:30 on Friday 1st August


We also ask that you try to make yourself available for the awards and prize giving later that afternoon at 4pm, who knows, you could be the lucky winner jet setting off to Singapore !!

Once again, good luck, and please feel free to call me or drop me a mail if you have any queries

 The images in this post have been sourced from the internet and credit goes to those who amazingly captured them


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I received this email @ 10.45pm and I am oh so excited and still trying to come to terms with this opportunity   I just want […]

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