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Kiwi Kachoomer

10 Days of 14days almost done and dusted, and for 9 of the 10days I have created a healthy dish –“Yippee For Me”. I am totally sold on all of the goodness that these furry brown little fruit possess. To me when they are cut into two they look like “ the earth in the middle with the green environment around it” now this is what we all dream of – earth surrounded by a green and better enviroment, and hopefully if each one of us takes a few measures to go greener—Kiwi greener we can make earth a better place for us and the future generations.

Simple changes in our diets can edge us closer to a greener earth—2 Zespri Kiwi Fruit a Day is a great start – 1 and half fruit to eat as you choose, half a fruit with a bit of butter milk as your shower scrub and then toss the peels into your garden and you have spread the goodness of Kiwi in 3 directions-all 3 pointing to a greener future with the Zespri Green Kiwi Fruit.

Todays recipe is a mixture of salad ingredients infused with some of the spices of Indias famous “Chaat”


Kiwi Kachoomer or Salsa (Serves 1)


 50ml chopped cucumber

50ml chopped tomatoes

35ml chopped mixed peppers

50ml mixed sprouts

20ml finely chopped dhania

15ml finely sliced spring onions

2ml finely chopped green chillies

2ml roasted and crushed cumin seeds

2ml roasted and crushed coriander seeds

5ml roasted sesame seeds

5ml lemon juice

5ml salt

100ml peeled and chopped Zespri Kiwi



20ml of the kiwi chutney

5ml lemon juice

2ml sugar

25ml grated kiwi

20ml water



  1. Place all the ingredients from the chopped cucumber to salt into a mixing bowl and mix well, before adding the chopped Kiwi
  2. The above measurements for the salad and dressing ingredients are just a guide line, you can adjust, add or subtract as per individual taste
  3. Pour the above into a serving bowl and just before serving pour the dressing over the salad



  1. Kapila Hari says:

    Sounds yummy

  2. Veena Patel says:

    This recipe I have to try! It looks so delish, healthy and fresh for spring!

  3. Flee says:

    SSSccchhhlluurrp…. Drool factor 10/10… Thanks

  4. nina says:

    Oh hat, that salad looks delicious! I love all the interesting containers you have used!

    • usha says:

      thanks Nina, those little ones are toys–replicas of the larger containers we use when we serve at large gatherings

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