A-Z Of Spices – Featuring Asafoetida/Hing

I am trying to play cathup and I do understand that Asafoetida starts with the letter A – but the Indian name starts with the letter […]

A-Z Of Spices Featuring Ginger

I am going to be running a month or two behind – and hopefully catch up before 2020 ends and if I don’t then I will […]

Nutrition & Taste Packed Salad

Sprouts – Powerhouse of Nutrition Sprouts—edame beans, chick peas, mung beans, alfalfa and etc.—whichever one you choose, however you choose to prepare and eat it and wherever […]

Fennel/Varyari Tea or Infusion

Fennel + Ginger + Lemon Verbena + pepper and you have a heavenly “digestion match” – all of these have their individual benefits and track records […]

A-Z Of Spices Featuring Fennel/Saunf/Varyali

Better late than never – this was supposed to have been posted before the end of July 2020 – but laptop issues challenged me – as […]

Sugar Beans Curry

Ever since I can remember and growing up in a Gujarati home in Stanger (now Kwa Duguza), sugar beans or red Canadian wonder beans has been […]

Butternut & Pumpkin Soup

This soup was literally put together with “bits & bobs” of veggie that I needed to use up – before fresh veggie arrived. And the kind […]


Khichdi – the Gujju comfort meal that just cannot be refused by anybody, and it can be transformed and tweaked in numerous ways – but it […]

Recipes Showcasing Elachie/Cardamom

Instead of just 1 recipe show casing elachie/cardamom – I have chosen a few of my most favorite dishes showcasing “The Queen Of Spices – Elachie/Cardamom”. […]

A-Z Spices – June Spice Of The Month Is Elachie/Cardamom

Elachie/Cardamom – as most other spices is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Indonesia – its colourful history dates back thousands of years. One of the […]

Broad, Butter or White Kidney Beans

Butter, Broad, Lima or White Kidney Beans – one and the same in taste, looks, flavour and nutritional value. They have a delicate creamy texture and […]

Green Mung Beans

Green mung beans – the wonder food for vegetarians and vegans – eat them sprouted, split, whole, in an Indian curry, in Chinese dishes or in […]