Recipes Showcasing Elachie/Cardamom

Instead of just 1 recipe show casing elachie/cardamom – I have chosen a few of my most favorite dishes showcasing “The Queen Of Spices – Elachie/Cardamom”. […]

A-Z Spices – June Spice Of The Month Is Elachie/Cardamom

Elachie/Cardamom – as most other spices is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Indonesia – its colourful history dates back thousands of years. One of the […]

Broad, Butter or White Kidney Beans

Butter, Broad, Lima or White Kidney Beans – one and the same in taste, looks, flavour and nutritional value. They have a delicate creamy texture and […]

Green Mung Beans

Green mung beans – the wonder food for vegetarians and vegans – eat them sprouted, split, whole, in an Indian curry, in Chinese dishes or in […]

Oat Crunchies

My “Vegan Oat Crunchies” is adapted from the recipe by Sam Linsell of “Drizzle & Dip” (https://drizzleanddip.com/), and it has been featured in her “Drizzle & […]

Dhania/Coriander Chutneys

Chutneys are an integral part of Indian cuisine, and it refers to a combination of sauces, added flavours of a sharp tart fruit, vinegar or lemon […]

A-Z Off Spices – Dhania (Coriander or Cilantro)

My research into the spices and herbs featured on my site, is giving me so much of joy and satisfaction, and every time I cook – […]

Red Lentil & Veggie Soup

Cold Johannesburg weather calls for healthy, warm, nourishing and comforting soups – and this red lentil and veggie soup ticks all the boxes for a wholesome […]

A-Z Of Spices – Cumin

My journey into the “A-Z of spices, herbs, its flavours and health benefits”, has been phenomenal thus far – I am enjoying researching the different herbs, […]

Potatoes + Veggies

You would never imagine a dish that tastes this good was put together with “empty the fridge ingredients” – a tasty dish was required for a […]

A-Z Of Spices – Bay Leaves

A-Z of spices – I was meant to post my first spice article in January 2020 – but only got down to doing posting my A-Z […]

Pasta Chakalaka

This “Pasta Chakalaka”, has been created by me – keeping in mind the famous South African dish – “Chakalaka”. As usual – keeping the basic ingredients […]